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Mommy Style

A lot has changed since baby arrived - body and wardrobe included. This post is not focused on body changes. We all have our own unique journey. What I know for sure is that you are a Goddess that grew and birthed a human. Wear clothes makes you feel good! So yes, my day to day life has changed since the birth of my daughter and as a result my wardrobe needs have shifted. So since then I've been figuring out what my mommy uniform looks like.

In late September, early October you'd find me in pjs till after noon...OY! I'm a huge fan of pajama sets. This is my favorite pj set! But I think we can all agree staying in pajamas all day, er'day is no bueno.

My mom told me a story from when she had her second baby, she had him about 16 months after my oldest brother was born. She'd been in her nightgown and robe for days. I don't blame her, she had a toddler and colicy newborn! She said my grandma sat down next to her on the bed and said "Mary Jane, I think you'd feel a lot better if showered and you got dressed."

I think of this story when I'm tempted to stay in my pj's. It's easy to skip getting dressed and stay home all day. Yet I know I will feel so much more human when I brush my hair, put on an outfit and maybe even some mascara and blush. It is simple, even though at times it seems impossible, and it makes me feel like myself again.

So here are a few of the guidelines I try to follow. Plus some favorite fall and winter pieces I feel like great in!

#1: The Yoga Pants Rule

REPEAT AFTER ME - Yes, you are home with your baby. No, you should not wear yoga pants every day. So my rule is, I can put yoga pants on if I plan to work out during the day, yes a walk counts. Otherwise, I make myself wear a pair of pants with a zipper and a button for at least some of the day. Okay babes, I've got nothing against stretchy pants. In fact, I thank heaven they were invented. During the first 6-ish weeks postpartum, I only wore spandex! You do what you need to do to survive. BUT eventually when you feel ready or maybe a little before that - go pick out an outfit and get dressed.

#2: Wear Clothes That Fit

Remember that human you created? Yeah I'd say you deserve clothes that make you feel as incredible as you are. So if that means buying some new jeans then go for it! I already hear you saying, "I can't afford a new wardrobe!" Okay, well can you afford to feel like crap? Old Navy and Loft have incredibly flattering and very inexpensive jeans. Do not cram yourself into pants that don't fit. Trust me, as someone who has tried to squeeze herself into clothes that don't fit too many times, I know it will ultimately make you feel like crap and ain't nobody got time for that!

​​#3 Make It Machine Washable

You have a baby now. Your new day-to-day has you elbow deep in some type of milk, pureed foods, bodily fluids....more bodily fluids you can possibly imagine. Whatever you wear is gonna get doused. Your chic silk blouse just isn't practical for your new normal. So keep your eyes peeled for clothes that are machine washable. Lord knows, you'll be doing laundry all the live long day! Save the sequin skirt and silk blouse for date night, which you better be making time for but that's a post for another day!

#4 Comfort Is Key

Like I said, you have a baby now. You are on the floor playing. You are walking, bouncing, rocking to soothe baby. You are running up and down the stairs doing the laundry. Mom's find out quickly that comfort truly is key. So find the pieces that are comfy and nonrestrictive.

Here I have shared the styles I typically wear and linked to several of my personal favorites!

JEANS: All my outfits typically start with jeans, mom jeans obvi...

LOL who doesn't love this SNL bit called "Mom jeans??" In all seriousness, jeans are an super personal purchase. Women have jeans they swear by. Not all jeans work for everyone..unless you are these gals. UGH I loved that book/movie series so hard.

I get most of my jeans at Ann Taylor LOFT. They fit me really well and are typically comfortable. I love this pair with the exposed button fly! I also just got these skinny jeans from Old Navy, they're super soft. Both of these retailers are constantly having sales so you'll never have to buy anything full price.

CHIC SNEAKS: I have plantar fasciitis which my foot doc said "is super common post pregnancy due to hormones." I mean honestly, hormones, why you gotta be like that? Anyhow, I typically wear sneakers around the house because when I go barefoot all day my foot really starts to feel it. Comfy yet chic shoes are a mama's best friend! So I recently got myself some "fun sneakers," I guess other people call them lifestyle sneakers? I recently got this pair and this pair. Can you tell I am having a blush moment? Also obsessed with these Nikes.

FUN TEES: Tops are kind of tricky for me. I typically want something cotton but don't want just a plain old t-shirt. So I often go for stripes or graphics to add a playful element to my look! I find graphic tees to be somewhat youthful and as a 31 year old, I don't want to look like I'm trying to appear younger. I can count on my friends and my mom to tell me honestly if a top is too youthful for me! Here are some fun but age appropriate tops. I have this Lou & Grey striped patch tee, it's cute but not over the top. And also I like this JCrew graphic tee, it's brightly colored but not too much.

LAYERING PIECES: I love vests and long cardis over my "fun tops." This fall and winter I find I'm typically in and out of the car, stores, house, etc so layers are key. With pullovers, vests and long cardis as a top layer, I'm able to keep comfortable.

The cardigans from Athleta are cozy yet sleek. I have a few from seasons past and they hold up well. I've always been a big fan of Patagonia fleece, this vest is so soft! I got this vest around Christmas time and it felt very seasonal. The ruffle is a nice feminine touch.

I saved the best for last. The Dudley Stephens turtleneck is...


A few weeks postpartum I saw, two of my mommy inspirations - Julia of Lemon Stripes & Eva from HEA - talking about these Dudley Stephens pullovers being the world's coziest. Naturally I was intrigued. Initially, I thought $158 was too pricey for a fleece turtleneck. But I'd heard so many women rave about this piece, so I went for it. I was NOT disappointed, in fact I'm so in love I got 2 more! You'll find me wearing this turtleneck 3-5 times a week. The Cobble Hill is long enough to cover your rear while the Park Slope is a shorter version. Both are incredibly cozy and have a chic oversized mock turtleneck. A big bonus for me is that Dudley Stephens is a small family business run by women out of Connecticut. I love knowing that I'm supporting fellow mamas going for their dreams! A word to the wise, sign up for their emails, it is the only way you'll be able to get the turtlenecks before they sell out! Plus you get 10% off your first order! GO FOR IT!

So you may have noticed, I've only listed cold weather wear. Well, I have only been a mama since mid September so who knows what my mom uniform will look like in warmer months? I'm looking forward to finding out! Let me know what you think about my mom uniform and what you've been wearing.

above photo credit: Cadence Kennedy Photography

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