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Putting a bow on 2017

The new year is upon us! Cue the incessant dieting commercials and constant discussion of fitness goals for the new year. Yet as I consider the new year, I’m taking time to look back on all that I’ve accomplished this year.

1. Grew a human (pictured here)

2. Birthed aforementioned human 3. Conquered postpartum depression

Yeah, I think I’ll just ignore all those dieting commercials for now and take a moment to relish what 2017 was for me.

I believe physical wellness is inextricably linked to our mental state. I find I cannot take care of myself physically if I am unwell mentally or emotionally. Most recently when I was struggling with postpartum depression I couldn’t meet my own basic needs. I could not eat or sleep. Once I did the work in therapy and started getting treatment for postpartum depression I began to sleep better, eat more and exercise again.

So perhaps as this year comes to a close you’ll take some time first to reflect on the wonderful things you’ve accomplished this year. Then when you consider your goals for 2018, maybe you’ll shift your focus from physical fitness and weight loss to your mental and emotional wellness?

Whatever you do in these next few days as we roll into 2018, be kind to yourself. Wishing you peace and warmth as we put a bow on 2017!

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