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Transforming a Gender Neutral Nursery

We didn’t find out Mary Clare was a girl until we met her for the first time and it was one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy. Most people were surprised I wasn’t going to find out because I’m pretty type A and dare I say a little controlling. Some people said “I love that you aren’t finding out!” While others literally called me crazy and asked “what about decorating the nursery?” It boggles my mind that others have such strong opinions about something thats so personal to my family but what can you do? It won’t surprise you, I believe you should do what works for you and your partner; being surprised is what worked for us this time around.

When you see her nursery now, there is no mistaking, it is a little girls room. So how did I swing that? I can tell you, I certainly was not doing any intense decorating in the first 3 months of my child’s life. It just took some planning beforehand! So aside from some pops of pink throughout the room, the nursery was actually completely gender neutral at first. I went with a gray and cream color palate throughout. I knew once the baby was born I would add details and small pieces based on whether we had a baby boy or a girl.

Take a look at what the nursery looked like a few days before I gave birth.

I am so in love with the window treatments Ethan Allen did for us. While I was pregnant, I selected fabric for a boy and for a girl. Then when Mary Clare was born my mom called and placed the order!

When babies are born the gifts come in like crazy. So I actually used some of the gifts as decor. Sweet bows and little shoes made for perfect details when styling the room. I also ordered a classic pink crib sheet from Serena and Lily to add some girliness to her crib. I had fun with it and most importantly it took very little effort to transform this gender neutral space into a baby girls room.

I still am working on finding some pieces to hang on the walls. Any ideas on where I can find something unique yet classic? So mamas, what do you think of Mary Clare’s nursery?

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