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Back in the Kitchen

The kitchen is where my people gather. Don't you find that on holidays and at parties everyone just hangs around the kitchen island or the table even when you could be lounging on the couch? I have always loved to cook, especially cook for others. Plus who honestly doesn’t love to eat?

When I first had Mary Clare, I felt like I’d lost who I was and no longer had a shred of independence. It terrified me that this tiny creature was running the show. Yes, I am a bit of a control freak (my husband somewhere is saying "a bit???") so having a baby continues to be a big, big, BIG lesson is letting go of control. In the early days, I would anxiously wonder... (and often ask my mom) “how will I ever do anything again??” “When do I shower?” “How will I make dinner?” “When will I even find time to THINK about what to cook???” My mom just kept telling me I’d figure it out in time. During those first several weeks, we subsisted on meals family members made for us + take out lo mein...lots of it. It really does take a village!

Now, 16 weeks post MC, I’m feeling like myself and get me, I found my way back to the stove! This weekend I made an easy, quick and of course delicious dinner. It is perfect for mama’s juggling it all.

I made a use-what-you-have sauce. I sautéed up some sliced shallots and cubed eggplant with s+p and olive oil then added a bottle of Rao’s marinara (the ONLY acceptable jarred sauce). Next I tossed in some torn basil and some homemade meatballs I had in the freezer. There is no specific recipe here. You could easily substitute other ingredients in depending on what you have on hand. Spinach or kale are both easy mix ins as they wilt quickly and pack a nutrient dense punch! If you don't have meatballs you could brown some ground turkey or spicy chicken sausage. Again, do what works for your family!

To go along side it, I made an amazing Ina Garden recipe for Parmesan roasted broccoli, it’s basically deconstructed pesto on top of crispy broccoli. Trust me on this one, it is THE best broccoli recipe ever.

What are some quick and easy meals you’ve been making? How do you manage feeding your family while still juggling everything else?

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