Bobby's New Headgear

August 30, 2019

Anxiety and How I Cope

August 15, 2019

Basic Invite

May 28, 2019

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About 8 weeks ago, Bobby and I sat in the waiting room of a pediatric craniofacial plastic surgeon’s office. He smiled and cooed, he was the even tempered, darling boy he had been since the moment we met. I sat up straight knowing that the doctor would likely tell me h...

I’ve always been the take charge kind of person. At a group dinner, I often am happy to take the wine list to choose a bottle for the table. In graduate school, I took the lead on group projects. When I went away for the weekend with friends, I’d volunteer to drive. Wh...

Is there anything quite as charming as a handwritten note? I’ve always been a lover of writing and receiving letters. Whether it is for a particular occasion or for no reason at all; sifting through the mail and finding a letter for you is just the best! I have also al...

It’s Friday at 5pm. Mary Clare, 19 month old destroyer, has sufficiently destructed the first floor of our home.

“Were you robbed?”

“Oh no, we just have children.”

I’m sitting in my spot, THE spot. That spot on the couch that is totally indented by my butt. It’s where I s...

I am tapping my foot as I stand in the pediatrician’s office, waiting to be seen. 

I am here for this unplanned visit because last night I had a moment – an “oh shoot, this kid has a flat head” moment. You know, that 2nd child moment. The poor kid is such a good newborn...

Since I began my January blog series (which has been more a commitment to myself to write more regularly than an actual series), I've heard from lots of people -from women I've never met to close friends and as always, my mom. It's very rewarding to connect in such a g...

I tend to overthink things, as many women do. I have wasted a lot of time worrying about what others think of me. The truth is, for a long time, I have wanted to be liked, really badly. The thought of someone not liking me made me itchy. With such an intense need to be...

A few months into motherhood, I realized that this new gig was NOT what I had expected it would be. I always imagined I would take to motherhood like a fish to water. I was sure it would come easily and I would love it more than anything. Mom was  the end all, be all o...

2018 held a lot of surprises for me. I got pregnant, sort of unexpectedly, which caused me to relapse into a depressive episode that was similar to what I experienced after Mary Clare’s birth. The pregnancy is such a blessing but the mental health struggles were not we...

Happy New Year! With the new year comes all the resolution noise that I'm choosing to tune out. As I did last year, I’m reflecting on the past year, to be grateful for all it has brought me and focus on continuing to grow and take care of myself. When I think of what 2...

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